Candice McQueen and Robert Triploino

Candice McQueen: Nasty at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival

It’s been a crazy busy few days, including a 13 hour shoot at the Grand Hyatt on Saturday (I didn’t see the sun all day, but I heard it was nice outside, I hope you enjoyed it). Trying my best to catch up on things now, so here are a few shots from Thursday at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. It was a double header for me, photographing two events at Chapel Off Chapel, The Fabulous Singlettes (post to follow soon), and Candice McQueen: Nasty.

This was opening night for Candice and Robert Tripolino, even though we had seen tasters of their show at the Festival Launch Party, and the Opening Gala (and had them star in our cover shoot for MCV magazine). The Loft was packed, and the cosy space was the perfect venue to hear the telling of the Demi-Goddess’ long and eventful life. From being presented at birth by a regal baboon over the plains of Africa, to her tumultuous relationship with a young hollywood star that would melt her icy heart, this mister sister has quite a tale to tell.

The highlight of the night, besides the energy and style this pair always deliver their shows with, was an emotional rendition of Revolver that brought the audience to their feet. Check out the duo’s studio session from last week at ABC Radio National below.

Candice McQueen event photograph

Candice McQueen singing at Chapel Off Chapel

Robert Tripolino by music photographer James Thomas

Live event finale photography

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