Geppetto's Jake Diefenbach and Emma Dean in Melbourne

Geppetto at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival

Friday the 13th was the perfect date for Geppetto’s otherworldly show, ‘An End to Dreaming’. With no sign of the technical hiccups from the duo’s opening night performance, the stage at Chapel Off Chapel’s Loft was set for a night of musical fairytales.

Geppetto at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival

As the Loft plunged into darkness, the pair entered, cloaked in black, resembling characters perhaps from a darker retelling of Red Riding Hood. As the night progressed, the hoods came off, the music and lights lifted and the intimate crowd were invited into a story filled with drama and personal demons.

Throughout the evening, Dean and Diefenbach moved effortlessly between the baby grand, electric keyboard and violin with their vocal harmonies and occasional synth creating a sophisticated soundscape.

Geppetto in Melbourne

Emma Dean performing An End To Dreaming

Emma Dean on piano at Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2012

Emma Dean piano for Geppetto

The Melbourne Cabaret Festival continues to impress, with Geppetto’s musical talent, both in composing and performing further demonstrating the vast range of entertainment on show this week.

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